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Cat Power “Still In Love”

It took me a long time to compile the songs that ultimately make up The Digital Outhouse’s 3rd mixtape (check it out already, bro). Part of this has to do with my inability to focus on anything for an extended period of time (it should be noted however, that this blog has been running for over 2 years now and that, in and of itself, is pretty fucking amazing). The main culprit however is a little thing called aural cohesiveness. 

Now yes, it is true that aural cohesiveness is just a fancy (not to mention longer) way of saying “theme”, but I’m all about overcomplicating things these days, so whatever.

When I first embarked on my quest to create this epic mixtape, I had hard time deciding between which type of aural cohesiveness I wanted to achieve. In the end, I went for something a bit more light-hearted (and hipster) than normal, and I’m pretty stoked about the final result.

But imagine for a minute that I had gone with something a bit more subdued, highlighted (of course) by this melancholy ballad by Chan Marshall. 

Wouldn’t that have been great? 

Well, I suppose there’s always next month.

(Source: vogine)